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Jahmu PBC Advisory Board

Jahmu PBC is forming a board of advisors and we are looking for applicants who could bring new skills and knowledge to join our board and contribute their expertise to a rapidly evolving local business. We are a growing company that is expanding domestically and internationally through direct sales to customers as well as to grocery store chains, local grocers, co-ops, cafes, health food stores, and yoga/pilates studios. We market through an array of different mediums including the internet, mail, at events and expos, in person, over the phone, at farmers markets, and via our affiliate network. During the past year we have sold well over 1.5 million cups of tea to customers in every state as well as to international customers in more than a half dozen countries.

During 2016 we have been establishing relationships with distributors, product reps, co-packers, new suppliers, and more. We have rebranded from Jamu Juice to Jahmu™ as well as improved our packaging (to durable heat sealed pouches) and expanded our product line to include Sweet Jahmu Chai.  We realize that there is a vast amount of work facing us as we continue to expand and we need a steady voice of experience in order to help us work intelligently and efficiently.

If you have business experience related to growing companies, branding, marketing, or the food and beverage industry then you are a perfect candidate for an advisory board position with Jahmu PBC- your industry knowhow and advice would be an invaluable addition to our monthly board meetings.

Logistics and Responsibilities

As an advisor it would be ideal if you could attend monthly board meetings in North Kingstown RI. We can schedule the meetings to accommodate you and, if necessary, we can meet virtually. Other than monthly board meetings where we summarize last month’s activities, report on our key metrics, and re-evaluate our short term and long term goals, we would like to have your input on any critical decisions that we make in order to better navigate the many pitfalls and challenges that face a fledgling business.

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