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Liquid Sunshine

What is Jamu-Liquid Sunshine?

Jessica’s Liquid Sunshine is a fusion of an Indonesian medicinal tea called “Jamu” and an Indian Aruvedic drink called “Golden Milk.”  It is a creamy elixir drink which every cell in your body will enjoy!

What does it taste like?

Liquid Sunshine is very unique and delicious. It tastes like a chi late with ginger and turmeric. It is creamy spicy and sweet. It can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Where can I get it?

Liquid Sunshine is sold in a dry mix form through this site’s shop @ Liquid Sunshine is being sold in its final liquid form at the Alternative Food Co-Op in Wakefield but can also be purchased directly through Jessica by the contact page. It will be available soon in several more location including the Block Island Farmers Market.