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Internship Opportunities:

Research and Content Development:

There have been over 3,000 academic studies about the health effects of turmeric, many of which appear in the US National Library of Medicine. We are seeking an intern who is pursuing a career in science or the healthcare industry. This internship will involve researching the health effects of nearly a dozen different spices and ingredients, then using your judgment to determine the validity of the studies you investigate. Who conducted the study? How big was the sample size? Was the study performed on humans or animals? Did the study focus on a particular compound found in the spice or on the spice overall? After researching each spice you will discuss your findings with the Jamu Juice team so that we can decide which studies had the most merit. You will then summarize the selected studies in 1 to 3 paragraphs (simple enough for a layperson to understand) and finish with proper citations for your research. Once you feel that you have a good grasp of the types of research generally conducted on each ingredient, we will work with you to synthesize your findings in your paragraph summaries into a 1-3 page report about each spice. Your reports may be published on our website, and later in your internship you will be invited to present your findings to our board of advisors. Not only will you learn a lot about medical studies and the health effects of each spice (or lack thereof), but you will also improve your writing, research, and presentation skills, all of which become vital as you begin to conduct your own experiments and research later in your college career!

Branding and Product Design:

We are looking for interns to help us with packaging, labeling, branding and graphic design.  Ideal applicants will combine a passion for design with a faculty for photography and photo-editing software.  The internship will begin as unpaid but if you seem like a good fit and do good work then we can discuss the possibility of a paid arrangement.  Jamu Juice represents a worthwhile challenge for anyone with a knack for branding or design.  Our products are gluten free, with certified organic and non-GMO ingredients. Some of our products are also sugar-free, dairy-free, and vegan. Our turmeric chai blends were inspired by Indonesian elixirs and ancient Ayurvedic recipes.  How do we convey this information visually? We need to show, not tell, while creating a compelling brand narrative. We would like your help designing new labels, packaging and miscellaneous media such as brochures, flyers, stickers mugs, t-shirts, aprons, and recipe books.  If you have graphic design skills and are interested in a rewarding internship with a local startup, please get in touch with us. Photography and photo editing experience is a plus, as are more arcane skill sets such as rendering vector graphics.

Marketing and Sales:

Are you interested in interning on the ground floor of a local startup alongside a team of dedicated young entrepreneurs this spring?  Look no further than Jamu Juice. Come help us compose emails and handle our mailing campaigns, write blog posts, advertise on social media, and make follow up calls.  Get a crash course on the intricacies of running marketing for a small company in the digital age. Improve your handle on Google analytics data in order to calculate the ROIs of our marketing campaigns. What were our conversion rates? Which attribution model should we use? What path do our online customers generally follow?  Iterate and improve.  Gain invaluable sales and industry experience as you witness the day to day routine of a 21st century startup in full swing.  We are looking for organized, motivated, and outgoing individuals to fill this position; effectiveness in written and spoken communication is a must.  Prior sales/marketing experience would be helpful but is not strictly necessary.

Food Product Development:

Jamu Juice is an organization undergoing continuous change and evolution, and as such we are always on a quest to improve our products. This leaves us with plenty of ideas to execute and potential problems to solve, which is where you come in!  As a product development intern for Jamu Juice you would help us to resolve some of the fundamental unanswered questions our product has raised.  For example, Jamu spices seem to dissolve better in carbonated water and milk rather than in plain water; how exactly does acidity, water temperature, and fat solubility effect how our tea mixes dissolve?  Your responsibilities would include testing and vetting some of the many product concepts we are currently considering, and drafting reports that detail your findings.  Cafes use our powdered tea mix but some establishments would prefer a syrup for ease of use. Can you help us develop a syrup from our spice blend?  We also are experimenting with a vanilla chai, a chocolate chai, and a coffee chai blend. Soon we will begin bottling our teas and will need to do shelf life analysis testing to figure out if our liquid products are shelf stable or if they should be refrigerated or frozen.  This internship involves some kitchen chemistry and recipe development but will also require writing and might include some photography of your culinary creations (and if you can craft incredible baked goods with a bit of Jamu in the recipe, all the better!). Your internship at Jamu Juice PBC will have a real impact on our success and the direction Jamu takes this year, and you will be ideally positioned to learn plenty about the nuts and bolts of product development in the food industry.

Photography and/or Videography:

Jamu Juice is looking for an intern who specializes in food and product photography. Ideal applicants will have a background in photography and film- with a portfolio of relevant works- and should own (or have access to) a digital camera and a laptop.  Experience with editing software (such as the Adobe suite) is a plus but not a must.  This position is initially unpaid (it is for credit), but if you show promise and an affinity for the Jamu brand we can discuss the possibility of an ongoing paid arrangement.  The Jamu studio is equipped with a light box setup for product photography, but applicants are encouraged to brainstorm photography concepts that they think will make for compelling marketing material.  If you are familiar with videography we would also like to make basic videos of us manufacturing and preparing Jamu Juice to be shared on the Jamu website alongside your photography.  This is a great chance to work with an up and coming local startup while honing your photography abilities and fleshing out your portfolio with professional examples of you work being actively used by a corporation.

Application Details:

Our office is located at 650 Ten Rod Road, North Kingstown, RI – about a 5 minute walk from the train and bus station. Ideally, we would like you to come to our office for the duration of the internship because working together and discussing findings collaboratively with the Jamu team provides a focused and productive workspace. That being said, some of the research and writing can be performed remotely and we could meet in Providence on a weekly basis if your schedule does not permit you to travel during normal business hours.

To apply for an internship please email a cover letter, your resume, an example of relevant work (academic or from a previous position), and references to [email protected] . If you would prefer to introduce yourself over the phone (rather than write a cover letter) please call Jessica at 401-662-2169 – although please note a resume, work samples, and references are still required.

URI and RISD students may receive school credit for interning at Jamu Juice PBC.  We are able to compensate you for travel and meal expenses but our internships are currently unpaid. Where applicable, we will cover ingredients and materials necessary to your job function. We have a computer in our office that you may use if you do not have laptop (although having a personal computer is extremely helpful). For more specific details about each of the aforementioned internships please contact us below:

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