Jahmu PBC is supporting the CarbonFund because we want to lead the food industry towards long term sustainability. The food industry includes manufacturing (of equipment and packaging), transportation (of ingredients, products, or people going to get food), energy (for manufacturing, transportation, and storage), and, obviously, agriculture. Depending on how the umbrella of the food industry is defined it could easily be considered the greatest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. 

When shopping for groceries people have many considerations already on their mind including price, flavor, brand, organic status, origin, healthiness, and more. It’s too much to ask of the consumer to also factor in the product’s impact on the environment in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. That’s why we as an industry need to raise our standards and reduce or offset our carbon footprints. Let’s make it a given that people are not destroying the environment when they eat or drink!

We are working torwards becoming officially certified carbon free but in the meantime we have done some back of the envelope calculations to more than offset our estimated carbon footprint.