“To help spread awareness about the health benefits of turmeric and ginger.” 


Jamu Juice Products


A Brief History…

Jessica began making Jamu Juice after realizing its health benefits during her travels in Indonesia. She first began selling this yellowish orange beverage at the Alternative Food Co-op in Wakefield, Rhode Island during the winter of 2013-2014. The following summer she delighted people on Block Island and in Jamestown, RI by vending this turmeric-ginger elixir at their respective Farmers’ Markets. During the fall of 2014 she sold Jamu Juice outside of Wholefoods in Providence. She attended various expos and attracted other local co-ops and cafes to carry her products. During the Winter of 2014, Jessica acquired barcodes and developed nutrition facts panels. She carried out a crowd funding campaign in order to raise the additional funds necessary to scale up production.

When 2015 rolled around, Jessica sold her healthy chai tea mixes at the Newport farmer’s market and many stores and yoga studios around Rhode Island. During the summer Jessica had a commercial kitchen and office space built in the Lafayette Mill building in Wickford, Rhode Island. In September, Jessica moved her young business into her new facility.

She expanded her product offering too include a Cocoa product and over the course of the winter, Jessica rebranded from Jamu Juice to Jahmu Chai. This rebranding was to ensure the intended pronunciation of Jahmu as “Jah-moo” because some people were saying Jamu as “jam – moo”. It had also been about one and a halfe years since Jessica’s products were actually fresh juice.

By the spring of 2016 Jessica’s products could be found in far off locations such as Costa Rica, the Bahamas, and Canada and on both coasts of the US.

During the fall of 2016 Jahmu PBC is increasing production and begining to work with distributors. Jessica and her team are hard at work spreading to more cafes and creating bottled beverages. Check back in soon for updates…

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