For over 7 years Jahmu PBC has officially been in business as a public benefit corporation. What this means is that our core mission and values will always come before ‘shareholder value’. Bringing you healthy, organic high quality turmeric-ginger drink mixes is our highest priority. 

Since Novemeber 2017 we have been a Certified Benefit Corp. To join this small but growing group of business who choose to do good while doing well, we underwent a rigorous auditing and interview process that included over 220 pages of written documentation. To our surprise applying to become a Certified B Corp was as thorough as the USDA Organic Certification application.  

To us being a Certified B Corp means that we must practice what we preach in hollistic way – we must benefit the whole public – not just our customers. We must always be pursuing ways to do better – whether it sourcing supplies as locally as possible, further streamlining our production practices to use less energy and water, re-using packaging materials, and much more. 

Someday we hope the Certified B Corp status becomes as well known as the USDA Organic Certified status. For now, I encourage you to learn more about B Corps and when you come across one tip your hat to them for going the extra mile to good. 

Public Benefit Corporation PBC