What is Jahmu?

Jahmu is a unique turmeric-ginger beverage mix. Jessica experienced the therapeutic properties of turmeric and ginger while travelling the world in 2013. Back in the US, she experimented with different blends of turmeric, ginger, black pepper and other healing Ayurvedic spices and created her own blend of delicious chai tea mix.

Why is there black pepper in the tea?

Black pepper has been shown to increase the absorbtion of curcumin, the main anti-inflammatory component of turmeric. When turmeric is consumed without black pepper, a larger amount is necessary to gain its miraculous benefits.

How has turmeric changed my life?
Jessica suffered from Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome for 4 years. She found that drinking turmeric-ginger tea improved her digestion and completely healed her intestines. She also shared her tea with her father and grandmother who then experienced dramatic relief from their arthritis symptoms. Turmeric, ginger and all of the other spices in this tea have been used for medicinal purposes in Asia for centuries.
Why did Jessica create Jahmu PBC?
Millions of Americans suffer from chronic inflammation and inflammatory diseases. Unfortunately, turmeric is not a typical ingredient in the American diet. Jessica wanted to find a way for Americans to consume more turmeric and ginger in an easy and enjoyable way.
How do I make Jahmu™ Chai at home?
Simply add half a teaspoon of Jahmu™ mix to hot water! Feel free to sweeten it with honey, sugar, agave, maple syrup or stevia. You can also add it to milk, coconut milk, almond milk, coffee, apple cider, hot chocolate, and smoothies!
How do I make Jahmu™ Golden Milk at home?

Simply add one tablespoon of Jahmu™ Golden Milk mix to hot water and stir! 

Why is there sediment in the bottom of my cup?
Unless you continue to stir the tea as you drink it, some of the spices will settle to the bottom. However, most of the nutrients will have dissolved into liquid so you still get the health benefits whether you eat all the spices at the bottom or throw them out.
How many cups should I drink?
Whatever feels right for you! Most of my customers drink 2 cups a day. Listen to your body!
Is Jahmu okay for Pregnant women?
You may take the following information into account but please ask your doctor and do your own research before consuming any of our products. From the limited research we have done about the spices which make up Jahmu, we have found that one of the spices, Fenugreek, may not be desirable for pregnant women to consume.

Massive amounts of fenugreek have been known to induce contractions which could cause a miscarriage. Each serving of our products have less than 1/10 of a gram of Fenugreek (100mg) so you should ask your doctor if this amount is okay. Our Turmeric-Ginger Extract doesn’t have any fenugreek so perhaps that’s a better option during pregnancy.