Try this hearty pumpkin based recipe in place of your regular morning latte, and soak in the flavors of the season with each sip.

The recipe below makes two cups, and is just as tasty served as a soup as it is drunk like tea. For tea, you may serve up to four times as many by simply adding hot water and whisking until it reaches your desired consistency.


  • ½ cup Organic Canned Pumpkin Purée,
  • 1½ cup unsweetened coconut milk (or any other type of milk),
  • 1TBS maple syrup,
  • dash of vanilla (optional),
  • 1tsp Jahmu Chai (caffeine free or with caffeine)


Combine all ingredients in a small pot on the stove. Stir or whisk while it heats up. Remove from heat right before it boils.  Serve in your favorite mug.

Add water to drink it like a tea, or use a spoon and eat it like soup!

(serves two as-is, or up to ten as tea)

Keep unused undiluted portions in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to one week. For tea, add hot water to the desired amount of cold, or reheated undiluted Jahmu pumpkin coconut latte.