What is Matcha?

Matcha is a whole leaf form of green tea, widely considered the ‘highest quality of tea’, traditionally grown in the shade to enrich its phytonutrients.

Its unique composition includes L-theanine, caffeine, chlorophyll, and various types of catechins, attributing to Matcha’s high content of antioxidants and bright green pigment. This review found Matcha to be related to improved cognitive function, memory, neuroprotection and blood vessel durability, and reduced stress, neuroinflammation, insulin sensitivity, oxidative stress and aging process. A vast study of more than 90,000 people conducted by the Japan Public Health Center suggested that “consumption of green tea may reduce the risk of all-cause mortality and the three leading causes of death in Japan,” including respiratory disease. Studies have also found Matcha to inhibit the growth of breast-cancer cells specifically, increasing antioxidant distribution, cell cycle growth and detoxification, and protein communication, key factors in maintaining a well-functioning immune system and preventing diseases. 

The caffeine in Matcha differs to that in coffee and is known to enhance mood and cognitive performance without the jitters, thanks to the natural addition of amino acid L-theanine, which delivers a naturally calming effect for the body and mind(4).

Another fascinating study found that the preparation of Matcha with a protein, like milk, improved the delivery of active polyphenolic compounds to the body, and protected the antioxidant structure in the intestinal environment. It found that the combination of milk proteins and matcha’s cellular regeneration properties significantly reduced the appearance of wrinkles and roughness in elderly skin, supporting Matcha’s anti-aging claims.


Matcha’s impressive range of mental and physical health benefits made adding it to our tea a no brainer. When you prepare a cup of Matchai you’re preparing an antioxidant rich, high-quality spice and herb blend that will deliver steady focus and uplifting nourishment to your body and mind.


Our Matchai is made from high quality ceremonial grade matcha (green tea powder), the signature Jahmu chai spice blend (10 healthy spices including turmeric and ginger), and organic, nutrient rich coconut sugar.

Matcha’s most popular property is it’s high level of antioxidants which helps to relieve oxidative stress in the body and repair cellular damage.

Each serving of Matchai contains 20 to 40 mg of caffeine of sustainable energy to keep you focused throughout the day.

Jahmu Matchai is easy to prepare by adding it to hot water or milk, for a delicious, earthy, uplifting beverage.