“JAHMU Matchai Turmeric Green Tea is a MUST have everyday! Hot or iced I love it. Matchai is part of my everyday life.” -Melissa


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Instant turmeric ginger green tea is finally here!

Instant turmeric ginger green tea is finally here! Matcha tones down the spice of the turmeric, ginger and cayenne in Jahmu. Each serving has one teaspoon of organic coconut sugar, giving this tea a subtle sweetness while only adding 5-10 calories to your diet. Each cup of Matchai has about 20 to 40 mg of caffeine. You'll get more caffeine if you drink the last sip which will have some undissolved green tea.

2 reviews for Matchai

  1. H P Bunaes (verified owner)

    Makes for a great late afternoon tea! Highly recommend.

  2. Bethany McGinnis

    Yummy with a boost of caffeine. I switch off between Matchai and Golden Milk depending on the time of day. I’ve been having at least one a day lately especially to build up the immune system. A great product combined with the fact that Jahmu is a Public Benefit Company make this a win-win for me.

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