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With Caffeine Turmeric Chai

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Organic Turmeric-Ginger Instant Chai Tea powder with Yerba Mate Extract (contains caffeine)

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Jahmu™ With Caffeine Turmeric Chai  is an organic ginger-turmeric instant chai tea mix. It contains no sweeteners or artificial ingredients. It is made solely from organic spices, making it organic and vegan. It is dairy free, sugar free, gluten free, and soy free.This variety contains Instant Yerba Mate Extract, which makes it caffeinated. It now has about 60mg of caffeine per serving.

Simply add 3/4 teaspoon of this spice blend to a cup of hot water, stir and enjoy! Jahmu is sugar free so you can add a sweetener of you choice, such as honey, maple syrup or stevia, if you'd like. It is delicious in dairy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk, coffee, apple cider, carrot juice, hot chocolate and smoothies, You can also cook with Jahmu by adding it to curries, soups, muffins, oatmeal or any other dish that would taste good with these Indian spices.

36 reviews for With Caffeine Turmeric Chai

  1. Bill

    A warm cup of golden milk heals the body, calms the mind, and soothes the soul!

  2. Lawrence (verified owner)

    A perfect way to get the turmeric that is so beneficial in a delicious drink

  3. Michelle

    So delicious and a great warm treat for bedtime!

  4. HP (verified owner)

    If you have Lyme Disease, like I do, then I highly recommend this to help with the inflammation Lyme causes, I couldn’t get through the day without it!

  5. Laura

    I recently found your “Golden MILK” at Dave’s Market and I am LOVING it!
    It is so addicting! Smells Wonderful! And makes me feel like I am doing something great for my body! Thank you for using all organic ingredients! Can’t wait to try your other products!

  6. LJ Busch

    Tried a sample and loved it!


    I ordered the Golden Milk
    I used is daily in a fruit and vegetable smoothie.
    Pleasant taste and I know I am doing
    something healthy for myself.
    Highly Recommended.
    Will order again

  8. Jenny Moynihan

    I tried at the mother earth news fair in Asheville, NC and have been drinking it ever since! This is a great way to get Tumeric and Ginger in your diet.

  9. Farrell Podgorsek

    I was traveling and under a great deal of stress. I was given a packet of Jahmu Chai with Caffeine to try. It calmed down my nervous stomach and was so soothing. I enjoyed a cup with sweetened almond milk ever morning and felt so much better. I’ll be ordering more.

  10. April Frazier

    I tried the Golden Milk for the first time at the New England Women’s Herbal Conference last weekend. WOW! Just mixed with hot water, it was fabulous! I made it Saturday night, and it was still warm in my thermos for a smooth wake up drink. I picked up some of the samples just before I left, and I can’t wait to get my husband on board. We love our coffee, and this may be just the healthier replacement for the second pot of coffee we’ve been looking for.

  11. Julie Heidal

    I got my packet from a great friend, Stephanie Robb while she was traveling to Victoria, B.C.. She highly recommended it because I don’t typically like tea or coffee. Couldn’t be happier with the blend of spices!
    Added the golden milk to hot water and it is simply perfect!

  12. Jo

    This was given to me as a gift. I am hooked. The most natural-flavored and healthy chai mix I have ever consumed. The spice blend is perfect. I will be an ongoing customer and looking forward to trying other JAHMU products.

  13. Kristen Schneck

    pure magic. made with love.

  14. Donna (verified owner)

    I make my own Golden Paste but it’s not convenient to carry around with you or keep at work. I tried this and love it. Perfectly blended and delicious. I can’t stress enough about the benefits you receive from incorporating Golden Milk in your daily regimen! Wonderful product!!

  15. kim rosenfield

    Delicious, comforting, and I already feel soreness and arthritic changes alleviated after a few weeks!

  16. Derek

    This Chai is wonderful! It tastes incredible, I can drink less coffee, and the turmeric helps with my joints. Great way to start your day!

  17. Sandy Oliviera

    When I was getting low on my Sweet Jahmu Chai, I started looking to see where I could buy some more here in Providence. I found a place in Federal Hill, they only had small bags of the Sweet Jahmu Chai, I saw the Golden Milk and bought that too. I love this one too. I don’t think you will be sorry if you buy this or the Sweet Jahmu Chai. YUMMMMMY.

  18. Emma

    I’ve constantly been on the look out for SPICEY chai, most chai I find is too sweet. So when my boyfriend got me some of this at the local farmers market I became instantly hooked. I drink it every single day. A cup of golden milk mixed with the chai with caffeine in the mornings and a cup of just golden milk at night. It’s so amazing. My only complaint is that I live on the west coast and I pretty much am forced to buy it online, I wish it was in more stores, and it’s expensive! As a broke college student I really have expensive taste and shouldn’t get hooked on these things lol

  19. Amy Barber

    I came across Jahmu at the Mother Earth News Fair and tried a few samples. I bought some and I love it! Now I need to get some more!

  20. Stacia Spencer

    Love it! I was having a lot of joint pain and swelling in my hands. I am a musician so this has been a life saver for me. The Golden Milk is my favorite!!

  21. Rachel

    Delicious dairy free comfort drink – I tried a sample of vegan golden milk today. What a lovely new option as we go into cool fall weather. Thank you!

  22. onlineshop (verified owner)

    I got the sampler pack, & they were all great. The Golden Milk is my favorite. I add chai to cold nut milks (almond, cashew), to my morning smoothie, and hot whole milk. I’m buying some as a hostess gift over Thanksgiving.

  23. Meg

    Picked up a sample in Asheville NC and fell in love. Will be drinking this instead of coffee from now on

  24. Liz (verified owner)

    Delicious! I not only drink Chai with caffeine, but I also add powder when scrambling eggs. It’s very good in oatmeal, too.

  25. jesshastondavis

    I’m obsessed! This is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up and helps me keep my cravings at bay during the late afternoon slump at work!

  26. Carrie Kish

    I’m looking forward to being able to bring this work. With only hit water available, it will be nice to have a creamer version to drink!

  27. Amelia

    I love this tea! The spicy and sweet flavors are perfectly balanced, and I like to make mine with coconut milk.

  28. kish.carrie (verified owner)

    I’ve been away from coffee for a while but still like a gentle pick me up in the mornings. I was drinking yerba mate tea when I stumbled upon the Jahmu Chai samples in my local health food store. I tried the caffeine blend and loved it. Now I have the caffeine jahmu chai in the morning and if I need (or more often, just *want*) another cup during the day, I have the caffeine free blend. I love the health benefits of turmeric and ginger and this is such a convenient way to get it. Thanks, Jahmu!! 🙂

  29. rhondalei (verified owner)

    First tried this at farmers market in BI this summer. Loved it. I sprinkle a bit in my morning coffee to get all the good ingredients and don’t add sweetener. Trying the un caffeinated as well. Want to be more consistent and see how it helps my fibromyalgia…

  30. Cristina

    Golden milk is delicious and it helps me with my heart burn. I’m feeling so much better since I started drinking it.

  31. lorinam (verified owner)

    I have been drinking the Jahmu Tumeric Chai almost every day for a year now. I love it!! It is a must have for me now and I like to always have a supply in my kitchen. It’s awesome!

  32. marsha

    I am totally addicted to the taste so all the benefits are a pure bonus. And every time I share it I get raves about the taste.

  33. Madi Rowan

    This is the best turmeric mix that I’ve ever tried! It has the perfect amount of spice & is just delicious whether it’s mixed into hot water or made into a latte! Highly recommend!! 🙂

  34. Scotty (verified owner)

    My yoga instructor drinks this, and told me about it. I’ve been trying to eat and drink in a more anti-inflammatory way. This, I think, is really helping! Delicious and soothing, as well.

  35. Bee

    Yummy boost and hopefully will prevent Alzheimer’s which runs in my family!

  36. Brittany Fant

    JAHMU Tumeric Chai is out of this world! I bought mine on Block Island. I loved it and drank it daily. Somehow it was lost in my cabinet for a few months. I just found it and my fiance and I used the whole shaker in just a few days! It is so delicious! I will be ordering every month!

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