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From: $16.00 / month

The best and most affordable way to buy Jahmu is with our monthly auto-ship. Once you click “Signup Now,” visit the shopping cart or checkout page to continue placing the order (the button does not automatically take you there.)

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Product Description

Don’t run out of Jahmu!

Comes in glass spice jar; shake into drinks or remove the sifter and spoon out!

This subscription includes so free shipping so it saves you about $5 to $6 per month (20-25%) plus the time it takes to order.

You can cancel or pause (“Suspend”) your monthly shipment at any time by logging in and visiting the My Account page. (You can also call us at 1-800-JAHMU-12 or email us at [email protected] and we can make changes to your autoship for you, such as making it happen every 3 weeks or 6 weeks if desired.)

This offer is only valid in the US.


All of our tea mixes contain our core Jahmu Chai spice blend, which is primarily ginger, turmeric, and some spices, like cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom found in chai tea. Jahmu Chai With Caffeine simply means we’ve added Yerba Mate. Golden Milk is Jahmu Chai with organic non-fat powdered milk, yerba mate brewed with stevia, and organic coconut sugar.


You can cancel your subscription at any time by visiting your account. Under “My Subscriptions” you will see the Monthly Shipment of Jamu Juice and on the right hand side there is a “cancel” button. You can also send us an email or call us at 401-662-2169 and we will cancel it for you.

7 reviews for Monthly Shipment of Jahmu

  1. Michele Hankins

    I love the turmeric noncaffienated chai! Had it at a coffee shop in Seattle and so happy I can order it for home. I still go to that shop everytime I’m in the city because it’s so delicious!

  2. Tiffanny Hale (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the Vegan Golden Milk mix from Jahmu and had hoped this would be similar but I couldn’t get the right mix, despite multiple efforts. I am still a happy Jahmu customer but I’m going back to golden milk. I just wish it was available as a subscription too.

  3. Pat Davis

    I have arthritis and have lots of aches and pains, but after using Jahmu Chai caffeine free for just 4 days, I was able to walk down my stairs using alternate feet, I was like, “What happened here?” And then I remembered the Chai! Thank you! with results like that, I intend to stay on it forever.

  4. Linda

    The health benefits are immeasurable. I have a history of systemic lupus. This formula has greatly reduced symptoms, the severity and the frequency. It is rare for me to take any prescription medication. Cannot say enough about how grateful I am to Jessica for following her path to create this for us.

  5. Beach Girl (verified owner)

    I LOVE getting this golden milk shipped to me in SD! I make all my friends drink it too.

  6. Andrea (verified owner)

    I love this stuff! It’s so delicious and soothing. The subscription is a great way to save, and I love the flexibility of being able to pause it temporarily or cancel if I want to (but why would I want to? LOL)

  7. veggie365 (verified owner)

    Love the flexibility of this program – and love getting the jar to hold it and then refill from there! Great idea!

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